The Fusion series products monitor all of your onsite systems and distribute alerts to the appropriate personnel or device as critical events occur.


Improve staff and customer communication with real time two-way messaging to almost any wired or wireless device including smart phones, e-mail, WiFi/Dect handsets and low cost pagers.


All modules are self contained embedded network appliances in standard 19" rack mount enclosures – server and software not required! All modules were built from the ground up with critical messaging in mind.




The Fusion series products are used in conjunction with nurse call systems to provide extra functionality and better patient care. Whether its connecting to legacy "light and buzzer" nurse call systems or connecting to modern nurse call systems via their TCP/IP data feeds, the Fusion series products allow critical messages to be sent to almost any wired or wireless device. In an aged care or hospital scenario, pagers are often used due to the low device cost and zero messaging cost. WiFi and DECT devices from manufacturers such as Cisco, Spectralink, Kirk, NEC, Motorola can also be used allowing full two-way messaging and advanced escalation workflows.


The Fusion series products allow all of your personnel to be setup as contacts with their preferred messaging device. In the event of an emergency, alerts can be manually or automatically broadcast to groups of contacts to quickly take control of any situation. Daily test messages can also be configured to ensure the entire system is operating properly. 


The Fusion series products can be used to monitor everything from fire alarm systems to PLC, air conditioning and cooling systems, toxic gas sensors or any other onsite device. Alerts and messages are routed to the appropriate personnel or device depending on the severity and type of alarm. In the event of a gas leak for example, messages can be automatically dispatched, sirens and lights can be turned on and exhaust fans can even be automatically triggered.



Event Management Module

The Fusion EMM is the “hub” of the Fusion series - Integrates with all other Fusion modules. Manages the interfacing between all disparate inputs and outputs. Built-in web client GUI for configuration and two-way messaging. Escalations, common messages, reminder messages and configurable user access rights/privileges.

Cellular Messaging Module

The Fusion CMM is a 2G/3G/4G LTE messaging appliance able to send or receive SMS (Text) messages.

Telephone Interface Module

The Fusion TIM is a multiport IVR (interactive voice response) device that users dial into via a telephone handset and follow voice prompts in order to initiate paging messages.

2028 Pager

The 2028 Pager is an easy to use 4 line POCSAG pager with a multitude of features such as hand programming, selectable alerts, priority override and unread message reminder.

Fusion Series

A summary of all the Fusion products and how they integrate with each other and 3rd party systems.

Alarm Dispatch Module

The Fusion ADM integrates with any device that switches a contact (such as a door sensor) or generates a voltage (such as a warning LED). Each ADM has 16 inputs and multiple ADM units can be daisy-chained together to expand system capacity. Alarms can be configured as normally open/closed, momentary or latching with configurable delays, recipients and messages.

Intelpage IP Transmitter

The Fusion Intelpage IP5 is a 5 Watt VHF/UHF POCSAG paging transmitter that can be connected to your LAN or WAN for dispatching paging messages anywhere in the world. The Fusion Intelpage IP is also available in 25, 50 or 100 Watt versions depending on the site coverage required.

Relay Output Module

The Fusion ROM is an eight relay device that can connect and control almost anything that can be switched on or off, such as lights, sirens, fans, motors, locks, doors, pumps either manually or automatically based on events or schedules.


Maxpage is a standalone desktop paging system with inbuilt transmitter, RS232 serial data input, 4 dry contact alarm inputs, telephone PBX IVR input and PS2 keyboard option.

Fusion Pro

Fusion Pro is a complete critical messaging system, in a convenient ready to install 2RU rack chassis. Fusion Pro monitors all of your onsite systems and distribute alerts automatically to the appropriate personnel as critical events occur.

Fusion Enterprise


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