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Mining Emergency Messaging System

Fusion is a emergency notification system that staff can rely on. All of your personnel can be setup as contacts in the system with their preferred mobile device. In the event of an emergency, alerts can be manually or automatically broadcast to groups of contacts to quickly take control of any situation. Daily or weekly test messages can be configured to ensure the entire system is operating smoothly.


Data from all the onsite PLC/SCADA systems, fire alarms and toxic gas sensors can be fed back to Fusion where it will be logged, analysed and filtered. Any critical events are sent to the appropriate personnel or device depending on the type or severity. In the event of a gas leak for example, messages can be automatically dispatched to staff, sirens and lights can be turned on and exhaust fans can even be triggered.


The type of device or staff members messaged, may automatically change depending on the time of day or which staff are on shift. Certain two way devices, such as mobiles phones and DECT/TETRA handsets even have the ability to acknowledge alarms and stop further escalations of the message.

Operators can manually send messages to any personnel onsite, via the secure web interface. Simply select the appropriate contact or group and types in the message. Canned (pre-programmed) messages can be entered to speed up message dispatch if required.


Mining sites often have unreliable cellular coverage. TETRA, DECT or Wi-Fi handsets are a good alternative to SMS in these circumstances. An onsite paging transmitter is another option which provides good signal coverage in above or below ground mines. ATEX intrinsically safe pagers are available for personnel working in Explosive atmospheres.

Spok Fusion, Commtech Wireless Fusion, Amcom Software Fusion
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