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Fusion Series

Fusion is a critical messaging system, in a series of convenient ready to install 1RU rack chassis. These powerful self-contained embedded network appliances do not require a PC or other expensive software to operate. Once installed and configured, via the easy to use and secure web interface, Fusion monitors all of your onsite systems and automatically distributes alerts to the appropriate personnel as critical events occur.

Fusion can be used to monitor anything including fire and security alarms, PLC, air conditioning and cooling systems, toxic gas sensors, building management, access control, patient monitoring and nurse call, UPS, Gaming systems, IT networks or any other onsite device.


Improve staff performance and customer satisfaction with real time two-way messaging to almost any wired or wireless device including Smartphone push notification App, 4G SMS text messaging, E-mail, Wi-Fi/DECT/TETRA handsets, low cost pagers, LED Signs and more.


A complete range of Fusion Series modules are outlined below.

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Fusion EMM, Fusion CCM, Fusion Central Control Module, Fusion Event Management Module
Event Management Module

The Fusion EMM is the “hub” of the Fusion series - Integrating with all other Fusion modules. Manages the interfacing between all disparate inputs and outputs. Built-in secure web client GUI for configuration and two-way messaging. Escalations, common messages, reminder messages and configurable user access rights/privileges.

Fusion CMM, Fusion Cellular Messaging Module
Cellular Messaging Module

The Fusion CMM is a 2G/3G/4G LTE messaging appliance able to send or receive SMS (Text) messages.

Fusion TIM, Fusion Telephone Interface Module
Telephone Interface Module

The Fusion TIM is a multiport IVR (interactive voice response) device that users dial into via a telephone handset and follow voice prompts in order to initiate paging messages.

Fusion TRM, Fusion Telemetry Relay Module
Telemetry Relay Module

The Fusion TRM is a POCSAG paging receiver capable of triggering its inbuilt relays. Wirelessly control lights, fans, motors, solenoids or switches using the eight (8) inbuilt relays. Alternatively, received messages can be forwarded to the onboard RS232 serial port. This can be used to control LED Signs or used as a “watchdog” for paging transmitters to ensure reliable message delivery. The Fusion TRM can also be used to receive messages from POCSAG wireless call points.

Fusion ADM, Fusion Alarm Dispatch Module
Alarm Dispatch Module

The Fusion ADM integrates with any device that switches a contact (such as a door sensor) or generates a voltage (such as a warning LED). Each ADM has 16 inputs and multiple ADM units can be daisy-chained together to expand system capacity. Alarms can be configured as normally open/closed, momentary or latching with configurable delays, recipients and messages.

Fusion Intelpage IP, Fusion IP5, Intelpage IP, Fusion Intel Page, Fusion Intelli Page, Fusion Intellipage, Intelpage IP 5 Manual, Paging Transmitter, POCSAG Transmitter, POCSAG Paging Transmitter
Intelpage IP Transmitter

The Fusion Intelpage IP5 is a 5 Watt VHF/UHF POCSAG paging transmitter that can be connected to your LAN or WAN for dispatching paging messages anywhere in the world. The Fusion Intelpage IP is also available in 25, 50 or 100 Watt versions depending on the site coverage required. Settings such as frequency and power levels can be changed via the web user interface.

Fusion ROM, Fusion Relay Output Module
Relay Output Module

The Fusion ROM is an eight relay device that can connect and control almost anything that can be switched on or off, such as lights, sirens, fans, motors, locks, doors, pumps either manually or automatically based on events or schedules.

Fusion TMM, Fusion Transmitter Multiplier Module
Transmitter Multiplier Module

The Fusion TMM is a POCSAG signal splitter used to seamlessly expand and simulcast any number of transmitters onsite. A single Fusion TMM can accept the POCSAG input from a Fusion EMM and split the signal into four transmitter signal outputs. Useful for covering multi-story buildings with multiple transmitters or for filling in dead spots such as stair wells and basements.

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