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Hospital Messaging System

Connection to your onsite nursecall system is easy with Fusion. Most modern nursecall systems have an RS232 serial or Ethernet connection onboard which can directly integrate with the Fusion EMM. Fusion integrates with all the big name nursecall vendors as well as other systems that support industry standard protocols such as TAP or ESPA.

​Even the "light and buzzer" legacy nursecall systems that may have only a light or LED output to notify an active call, can still be integrated using the Fusion ADM.

When a nursecall event is received by the Fusion EMM, a message will be dispatched to the nurse assigned to that ward on their mobile device. The type of device or staff members messaged, may automatically change depending on the time of day, which staff are on shift, or which staff are assigned to each floor/ward/room. If the call is not cleared within the specified time, the call can be escalated to other staff members or managers. This keeps response times lower and improves patient satisfaction.

Fusion can also automatically trigger devices such as overdoor lights, LED displays and even text to speech PA speakers to notify staff of active calls. Calls are ranked in priority order and displayed on signs and displays in order so staff will attend to the most urgent calls first.

Certain two way devices, such as DECT and Wi-Fi handsets even have the ability to acknowledge nurse call alarms and accept the task, stopping further escalations of the message. Or with a single call press on the handset the staff member can automatically call the room pillow speaker or telephone to check on the patient. This saves staff valuable time walking around the facility and more time attending to patient care.


Apart from the nursecall system itself, Fusion integrates with all of the other systems onsite, including fire alarm, blood fridges, building management system and the site PABX. Staff are able to dial an extension and dispatch messages to other staff from any phone inside the facility. Callers are greeted by a series of voice prompts that guide the caller through the simple message dispatch process.

Hospital operators can also manually send messages to any staff member onsite, via the secure web interface. Simply select the appropriate contact or group and types in the message. Canned (pre-programmed) messages can be programmed to speed up message dispatch if required.

Hospital Messaging System

Fusion can also act as a standalone nursecall system, directly interfacing with call points and pendants throughout the facility. On the output side, Fusion can directly control over door lights, LED signs, DECT handsets, pagers and provide reporting and alarm dashboard capabilities.

Spok Fusion, Commtech Wireless Fusion, Amcom Software Fusion
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