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Fusion Enterprise is the next evolution of the trusted Fusion Series product range. Fusion Enterprise is a software platform that runs on 64-bit Microsoft Windows servers, VMware/Hyper-V virtual machines or hosted on cloud service providers, such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Fusion Enterprise can handle the most demanding workloads including casino customers, large hospitals, airports, factories, industrial sites or entire buildings and IT datacenters. Easily configure hundreds of different connected inputs and output devices as well as thousands of users and recipients.

Fusion Enterprise monitors all of your onsite systems and distributes alerts automatically to the appropriate personnel as critical events occur. Fusion Enterprise can be used to monitor any system, including fire and security alarms, PLC and automation, air conditioning and cooling systems, toxic gas sensors, building management, access control, patient monitoring and nurse call, Casino gaming systems, IT network devices and servers or any other onsite device you can think of.

Staff can also send messages manually via the secure web interface. Improve staff performance and customer satisfaction with real time two-way messaging to almost any wired or wireless device including smart phone push notifications, SMS text messaging, E-mail, Wi-Fi/DECT/TETRA handsets, low cost pagers, LED Signs and more.

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