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Fusion Cloud is the modern way to quickly deploy, efficiently manage and easily run Fusion Critical Messaging Systems for your business. Fusion has partnered with Amazon’s AWS to launch Fusion solutions into the Cloud. This allows fully functional Fusion Enterprise, Fusion Mobile and/or Fusion Reporting instances to be deployed to customers in under 10 minutes.


Fusion Cloud is load balanced across multiple data centres, minimising potential downtime and improving business continuity with a 99.99% up-time SLA. Using powerful Cloud servers, Fusion Cloud can scale to any workload, speeding up critical messaging delivery and UI page loading times.


Enterprise level SSL/TLS encryption is used to keep message content secure and customisable firewall rules ensures customer data kept safe and isolated. Automatic updates and patches ensure the Operating System and all Fusion software components are running the latest releases, saving traditional IT maintenance and support expenses.

An annual Fusion Cloud subscription makes budgeting for a Fusion system simple. There is no longer a requirement for expensive up-front server and networking hardware investment and overhead costs such as electricity, rental space and ventilation are saved.

AWS Partner

Fusion Cloud solutions are tailor made to the customers requirements and can include one or more of the following core components:

  1. Fusion Enterprise - Monitors all of your onsite systems and distributes alerts automatically to the appropriate personnel as critical events occur, or manually through the secure web user interface.

  2. Fusion Mobile - An App for mobile devices that allows staff to receive critical alerts and notifications. The App also allows task management and instant messaging and collaboration between staff.

  3. Fusion Reporting - Collects and stores data on every event that occurs throughout your facility. An easy to use web browser interfaces allows report generation based on message status, sender, device, user or by event priority and duration.

  4. Hybrid Solution - All Fusion Cloud deployments can take advantage of existing onsite Fusion hardware such as ADM, EMM, CMM and Intelpage IP paging transmitters. Data feeds from 3rd party systems can also be pointed at Fusion Cloud for increased functionality.

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