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Casino Gaming

Casino Gaming System

Integrating with gaming machines is easy with Fusion with built in support for connection to all the big name gaming vendors.

When an event is received by Fusion, a message will be dispatched to the appropriate staff member. Drink service requests will automatically be routed to waiters, machine issues will be routed to engineers and security issues will go to the closest security staff automatically. 


The type of device or staff members may also automatically change depending on the time of day, which staff are on shift or which staff are assigned to each pit or area. If the call is not completed within the specified time, the call can be escalated to other staff members or managers. This keeps response times lower and improves customer satisfaction.

​Certain two way devices, such as DECT and Wi-Fi handsets even have the ability to acknowledge events and accept the task, stopping further escalations of the message.


Apart from the gaming systems, Fusion makes it easy to integrate with all of the other systems onsite, including customer loyalty packages, asset management, fire alarm, security and access control, building management system and the site PABX.


Since security is one of the top priorities of casinos, DECT handsets with duress or man-down functionality can be utilised. Or panic buttons can be installed under tables to immediately notify security staff and quickly take control of any situation.

Operators can also manually send messages to any staff onsite, via the secure web interface. Simply select the appropriate contact or group and types in the message. Canned (pre-programmed) messages can be entered to speed up message dispatch if required.

Reports and statistics can be generated to gauge staff response times to events. This makes it easy to see where improvements can be made, such as assigning more staff to certain areas to reduce response times or machine up time. 

Spok Fusion, Commtech Wireless Fusion, Amcom Software Fusion
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